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Betwixt and Between (Summer and Autumn) 2016

The powers that BE are presentAnd sending significant messages nay volumes of enlightenment 

New wrinkles have been formed in my brain Right before summer leaves and the fall of Autumn begins 

Near the equator with the Del Sol directly overhead 

At the start of the day in the middle of the week 

And La Luna was still high in sky at daybreak

I was up and out mom and stargazing- Watching the aquise of darkness to light 

The Star of the Morning winked Clearing and clarifying 

The longitude and latitude of my geographical position duly noted and I checked for NSE&W on my compass to reaffirm my position

Solidified my thoughts as once more I was grounded and reminded of my Earth boundless feeling

Between light and darkness

I’m tempted by lust and love

Evil and live for I see it all as an anagram 

As the numbers and patterns start to present a partial picture of my slice of life

One angel tells me he’s leaving the state and wants to see me before moving to Queens

And my angel of substances who offers me a life of opulence decadence and subtle luxury has proposed another revised offer to share the world with me on my terms..


I sow seeds of herbs and flowers in anticipation of the harvest and full moon that next comes 

And the strongest angel I know who appeared and revitalized my light and energy

Michael, Gabriel and Rafael

The cherubs and Seraphim    

I know naught to move too quickly for this is a crossroads and I’m still betwixt and between 

Paradise, Purgatory and Dantes many levels of Hell

And Lucifer, Satan and the Devil 

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