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Enumeration of LOVE

Why would I let you count the waysWhen you’ve already claimed that you are not good at math And this my dear is dang near quantum physics

So convoluted that the greatest thinkers of our time and times past have not dared to define nor have calculated this simple four letter word

You never promised me more than you could give except for when you spoke about giving your heart 

As I told you mine was held in isolation on standby and When you pledged fidelity and lied right to my face

I saw my dignity lower her gaze to the left and tilted her chin as she shook her head negatively No way there will be no more regrets

You could have been the one but that ship has sailed on a solo journey We converged on our paths but I was already gone But I had hoped 

For I was soon to be Far away from this place of alligators and mosquitos Where both were tolerated with a shrug I was not destined to be here this long

Because my DESTINY lay far Away from the South The Western Pacific whispered so sweet and softly…


Come home Love”

I’ll show you the majesty of mountains, volcanoes and Crater Lake. The wildness of the Pacific Ocean 

Crashing fierce waves against the cliffs Ever aware of the rouge waves And the stars will twinkle brighter You’ll see the Moon and Sun 

Rising and setting with more clarity as the celestial bodies lovingly illuminate and share the skies above

I was always good at math and I see patterns and calculate everything and I saw the dots connect

 In truth you could come to me wherever 

I remembered how it feels to BE LOVED And know that and feel that in my bones and very SOUL

I can recall vividly the time when you touched me and I felt it twice

I will wait for you patiently to come again and stay forevermore That my blessed one is called the Enumeration of Love


Do you see it? Can you imagine it? 

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