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Training Heels….a Novel in Progress..




Girls are made to believe from an early age, that they are princesses.  They will one day grow up and marry their true prince, that perfect mate. Then they will be “complete” when they find him and marry him. They are told they are special from the time they are born.  The fairytale life they deserve does not always come to fruition  or not in the way that it is expected, however the journey is at hand..and one should never, EVER,  give up on their dreams.  How we grow up, our environment and the people who have “impact” on our lives…help determine and define how we are..how we think..our perception how we see ourselves and how we treat people as adults.  This story is about how relationships are formed and maintained.  How a female child is influenced to achieve a balance of work, family and home. How to work like a dog, think like a man and ….something to do with a porn star….but more than that-how to teach a precious female child, how to walk the walk-in “Training Heels”.

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