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Flora and Fauna..I LOVE Roses, Orchids etc.


Fragrant flowers and plants make me happy.(a close second to butterflies).especially growing them from seed or getting blooms to bring indoors or to dry out for potpourri.   I always have a garden being it a collection of pottery filled plants, a planter box or a full rose/flower bed or garden..anywhere and everywhere I have lived for any amount of time. I try to leave some sort of growing thing a remembrance of me when I leave as well.  I love to go back and visit places and see what I have left behind for others to enjoy.   I currently have herbs in a planter box right outside the patio on the Lanai.  We also have all the classics plants, ficus, schefflera and philodendron, a hearty snake plant.  I got orchids, mums, a gardenia tree (my night blooming jasmine died- I will replace it – it had a strong sweet heady scent) and morning glories as well moon flowers etc. as  Here in FL you can grow things all year round…that’s a plus. I would say roses are my favorite flower…but orchids (now that I have semi-mastered growing them) are a close second.  They are so….sensual and scentual..get it? I just made up a word.  Anyways, I also currently have tomatoes (hot house, and cherry) and peppers, red, yellow and green as well as an eggplant in my garden.  It was a challenge getting used to the heat and humidity as well as the poor soil here…but, with help (my kind and so sweet ….)well they built me a screened in structure for my garden to keep insects and critters i.e. frogs and geckos out….and now the plants are doing much better.  ME TOO.  I don’t think I will ever get used to the gecko’s here….it’s cute at first then its not after a while.

Here are some of my wish list roses, flora and fauna for your perusal….enjoy!


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