A Celestial Smile


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The moon in its apogee smiled at me
And the nearest star to it blinked and then winked
I was not sure if the cosmos were coaxing me out
Of the melancholy mood and seemingly chemical imbalance
Or durant derriere, the very universe was mocking

For who was I to be so important that the moon and stars in the sky
Would show me favor and a significant sign of happiness
That realization that the Sun aphelion was temporary and soon it would shine brighter
And warm my heart and skin once again

In the time of the autumn equinox and another lunar eclipse
Coming with the full waxing of October’s Hunter Moon
The alignment at the turn of the seasons was harder to fathom
This far…

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Betwixt and Between V I I I (that’s why)


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That’s WHY!

Rewind to a previous version. And obliterate the feelings of contention that period brings. Using my one charm bracelet as a talisman, I wave my hand and make the sign of the cross, and you speak the words of remorse and regret, I’m sorry.

Fast forward to now and forget all that. It’s past tense. It’s a new beginning again and meanwhile, I’m currently standing with one foot in the water and one in the sand. I walk between Earth and Water. I fly between Heaven and Hell. I savor ecstasy and normalcy. As I stand beneath the stars, I whisper no matter what happens, I will love again.

And he will love me like no other As deep as the Mariana Trench to…

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Betwixt and Between VII


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Subject: Betwixt and Between VIi
I woke up early again today

It’s bright before the dawn

Between the darkness of the night

When stars begin to acquiesce

From dark velvet to a light silky blue sky

I straddled the line of love and hate

Neutral as it were

Inherently my passions high

So filled with emotions

Do you think I know how to love?
 I asked the skies

Or has my frozen heart been unthawed too many times

The butterflies that flutter by and flowers that smell so sweet

Still touch me

And it almost touches me without touching me like the reaching hands in the figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo has many masterpieces and it has happened many times

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Betwixt Pt III


Part III

I just can I just can

I do not hasten as I walk
I really take my time
Stepping on and off
The path, inside and then
Outside the lines

I walk between and outside
The poles
Superstitious bit, but nein
For this I know

As above so below
I move thru my sacred space
Defy gravity using Earths polarity
I turn I spin, widdershins and then clockwise

The Northern star
My navigational
Starting place
The Morning Star and
Planet Venus attune my mind and heart

While here I Love
With all I am myself and
That child who is a part of me
She is my reason for being
My immortality.

January 20, 2015
Today at 7:28 AM
From my T-Mobile. phone The first nationwide 4G network.

Part II
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Celestial Reflection



Image Credit & Copyright: Royce Bair.

Happy first day of spring to everyone here in the Northern Hemisphere and for my upside down friends, welcome to fall, my favorite season.

Let’s kick the season off with another terrific image by one of the best night sky imagers out there today, Royce Bair. Day or night the Utah landscape is a sight to see from its wilderness to its desert scenes and land formations.

In this image the Milky Way galaxy stands vertical light years beyond, while the colors of Earth as well as the silhouetted forest reflect off a nearby lake on the edge of the High Uintas Wilderness near Hayden Pass. The green airglow at the left of the image serves as a wonderful color contrast with the red orange hue of Salt Lake City, 55 miles away. I can’t wait to get out this summer and attempt some Milky…

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Tough Love 

Lexa Credo DarnesDate:

February 3, 2016, 10:38 AM

I’ll be that person that shows love

You don’t see it

I’m invisible yet

You think I’m the enemy

In reality, I’m trying to help
It’s the nature of the beast

To lash out

To throw blame and accusations

And it’s hard to see but

I’m still here
No one else has the guts to stand up

To you and for you

They’ll just watch you waste away

Drinking and drowning

In the bottle
Others feed and fuel your addiction

They really don’t care

I’ve a vested interest

We have commonality

I am affected as well
Try to remember that once we were

I know you and you know me

Deep down you know I mean no harm

I could walk or run away

However I cannot watch you drown


Fire In The Unicorn

Awesomeness !!! Fiayah!



Image Credit & Copyright: T.A. Rector (University of Alaska Anchorage) and N.S. van der Bliek (NOAO/AURA/NSF)

Located roughly 2,700 light years away in the constellation Monoceros the Unicorn; is this beautiful region known as Monoceros R2 (Mon R2) with the “R” representing “reflection” as in reflection nebula. At its heart and shrouded in the molecular cloud is the star forming region NGC 2170. This is one of the closer star forming regions to the Sun and for the northern hemisphere is in your night time skies all winter.

Though not visible in a short human lifetime, this region is being re-shaped dramatically by the intense stellar winds radiating from the newborn stars. To locate this region you will want to travel about 8 degrees east of Orion and it covers about 2 full degrees of night sky. That’s 4 Full Moon diameters. You won’t see it like you do…

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