Betwixt and Between (Summer and Autumn) 2016

The powers that BE are presentAnd sending significant messages nay volumes of enlightenment 

New wrinkles have been formed in my brain Right before summer leaves and the fall of Autumn begins 

Near the equator with the Del Sol directly overhead 

At the start of the day in the middle of the week 

And La Luna was still high in sky at daybreak

I was up and out mom and stargazing- Watching the aquise of darkness to light 

The Star of the Morning winked Clearing and clarifying 

The longitude and latitude of my geographical position duly noted and I checked for NSE&W on my compass to reaffirm my position

Solidified my thoughts as once more I was grounded and reminded of my Earth boundless feeling

Between light and darkness

I’m tempted by lust and love

Evil and live for I see it all as an anagram 

As the numbers and patterns start to present a partial picture of my slice of life

One angel tells me he’s leaving the state and wants to see me before moving to Queens

And my angel of substances who offers me a life of opulence decadence and subtle luxury has proposed another revised offer to share the world with me on my terms..


I sow seeds of herbs and flowers in anticipation of the harvest and full moon that next comes 

And the strongest angel I know who appeared and revitalized my light and energy

Michael, Gabriel and Rafael

The cherubs and Seraphim    

I know naught to move too quickly for this is a crossroads and I’m still betwixt and between 

Paradise, Purgatory and Dantes many levels of Hell

And Lucifer, Satan and the Devil 

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I saw the energy before I felt it

All the street lights had halos

La Luna smiled her crooked lopsided smirk

And I remembered that I knew about 

The energy

I felt it before 

That Yin and Yang gracefulness 

As the wind caresses my skin 

So softly as only my true lover knows how to do 

The gathering of baby crickets Jumped across the wall in a rhythm

As the birds tweeted questions and others trilled back answers  The sky went thru it’s metamorphosis 

From darkness to light 

As I witnessed the divinity as the voyeaur in me felt a white hot desire

Everything has a definitive clarity and especially myself 

I knew this to be true and the Southern Hemisphere had me off balance 

Why was I acting like the lost stepchild that seemingly didn’t belong? I was created for this very moment of esoteric knowing 

Do not falter in your faith

Or stumble too much on this path to everywhere  

Behold and BE present in Paradise 

Rejoice in the infinite wonder of this World

All the synergies and algorithms are in plain sight and I was always counting numbers and seeing patterns

It was another test and the process of elimination as well as deciphering the probable was second nature

It’s elementary but

Why was it so much harder to see? 

I needed more clarity  I see the light even in darkness there is a glowing energy

I feel the magnetic field, gravity and am acutely aware Of the space time continuum Of linear and spherical  East and West 

North and Sourh

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

I am Betwixt and Between 

Heaven on Earth

Fatality and immortaliy 

And the flesh of my flesh energizes me

My cerebellum is stimulated and my body springs into action 

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Soul Arson

Deeper and darker..

Rampant and Golden

The pain would come later.
The blue and black bruises
the shape of man-sized fingers
would not form for another
few hours, and the heart
would not be aware
of the long coffin nails
until days later.

All of the moment is fear
a fast approaching end
that tastes like burning ash
and the red tint of sky
behind the death black
of a stormy night,
the panic while I teeter
on the brink of choking
and the realization
that he is too strong
and I can’t push him off
and he is about to drain
the ocean out of my soul
without my permission,
the silence of the walls
screaming into my ears
on top of my helpless,
pounding heartbeat
and my brain trying to shut down
as disgrace fell
the size of a hungry boar
and festering anthills
of self-doubt tearing
my flesh apart
over and over and…

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A Celestial Smile


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Date: September 21, 2014 at 7:52:43 AM EDT
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Subject: Celestial smile

The moon in its apogee smiled at me
And the nearest star to it blinked and then winked
I was not sure if the cosmos were coaxing me out
Of the melancholy mood and seemingly chemical imbalance
Or durant derriere, the very universe was mocking

For who was I to be so important that the moon and stars in the sky
Would show me favor and a significant sign of happiness
That realization that the Sun aphelion was temporary and soon it would shine brighter
And warm my heart and skin once again

In the time of the autumn equinox and another lunar eclipse
Coming with the full waxing of October’s Hunter Moon
The alignment at the turn of the seasons was harder to fathom
This far…

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Betwixt and Between V I I I (that’s why)


From: Alexandria Lexa Credo Darnes <>
Date: November 23, 2015 at 9:24:11 PM EST

To: Lexa Credo Darnes <>

Subject: Fwd: Betwixt and Between

That’s WHY!

Rewind to a previous version. And obliterate the feelings of contention that period brings. Using my one charm bracelet as a talisman, I wave my hand and make the sign of the cross, and you speak the words of remorse and regret, I’m sorry.

Fast forward to now and forget all that. It’s past tense. It’s a new beginning again and meanwhile, I’m currently standing with one foot in the water and one in the sand. I walk between Earth and Water. I fly between Heaven and Hell. I savor ecstasy and normalcy. As I stand beneath the stars, I whisper no matter what happens, I will love again.

And he will love me like no other As deep as the Mariana Trench to…

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Betwixt and Between VII


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Date: November 13, 2015 at 6:30:37 AM EST

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Subject: Betwixt and Between VIi
I woke up early again today

It’s bright before the dawn

Between the darkness of the night

When stars begin to acquiesce

From dark velvet to a light silky blue sky

I straddled the line of love and hate

Neutral as it were

Inherently my passions high

So filled with emotions

Do you think I know how to love?
 I asked the skies

Or has my frozen heart been unthawed too many times

The butterflies that flutter by and flowers that smell so sweet

Still touch me

And it almost touches me without touching me like the reaching hands in the figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo has many masterpieces and it has happened many times

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